Ali Behzadian



I am a Senior software engineer and Java and mobile developer with 17+ years of experience in Java/J2EE design, development, implementation, test and maintenance. I also have lots of mobile development experience with Java, Kotlin and Flutter. In addition to development, I have experience in managing technical teams with diverse specialties (from 4 to 12 people).


Java Development

I developed many Java application during my career for different industries, including (but not limited to) banking and payment applications. I am expert in core Java, object oriented programming, collections API, streams API, Concurrent programming, generics, domain driven design and test driven development.

Spring Boot Development

I started development Spring applications from its early days with Spring MVC. Now I am using Spring Boot and other Spring framework products like Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow.

Microservices and Containerization

Microservices are an accelerating trend these days. Microservices approach offers tangible benefits including an increase in scalability, flexibility, agility, and other significant advantages. I have experiences on design and development of microservices specially in Java and Spring ecosystem and I faced the challenges of this architecture.

‌‌Cloud Native Development

The modern way to develop software is Cloud-native. This architecture takes advantage of many modern software development techniques including microservices, containers, CI/CD, agile methodologies, and devops.

Android Development

I started Android programming in 2011 and saw a lot of progress and developments over theSE years. I have a lot of experience in Android programming in Java and kOTLIN languages, and the apps I have been involved in development currently have millions of users.

Flutter Development

I have been following Flutter since its inception, and in 2020 I started writing several projects with the Flutter framework.


Alireza Bolhari

Data Analyst, Business Architecture Manager at Sadad Informatics Corp.

While working with Ali, simply ALL white personality characteristics (patience, perseverance, persistence, kindness, expressiveness and assertiveness, ets. ) are with you. Just enjoy any technical dialogue with him.

Ali Komijani

Business Development Manager at Sadad Informatic Corp.

ali is a creative, kind, engineer who tries to improve his knowledge every day.

Amin Rahkan

CEO at AminSoft

Since ten years ago, Ali was one of the most popular Developers and excellent teachers in our city. It was a pleasure to anybody work with him. When I started a project with Ali, Actually I found a unique opportunity to enhance my skills. Ali is a good coach, fast learner and a perfect software Engineer.